Allyn Rose, Miss America Contestant and Sports Illustrated Model-thrives after Double Mastectomy

Allyn Rose, a former Miss America contestant lost her mom when she was just 16 years old. Her family history of breast cancer forced her to re-examine her life and her breasts. After choosing a preventive double mastectomy, Allyn was featured as a model in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Taking control of her life and choosing to break the chain of cancer, Allyn founded a non-profit called The Previvor to raise breast cancer awareness and educate women on their options.

Allyn Rose Show Notes:

  • 01:35 – Allyn’s family background of breast cancer survivors
  • 06:00 – What it felt like losing a mother to breast cancer at a young age
  • 10:30 – The story of how Allyn found a letter for her inside her late mother’s journals
  • 13:30 – Getting serious about their family background’s breast cancer history and doing the double mastectomy
  • 19:08 – How the latest breast implants work and why she is sharing her journey
  • 22:12 – How she was featured for Sports Illustrated post double mastectomy
  • 23:53 – Allyn shares more about the non-profit she founded called The Previvor
  • 29:42 – Allyn’s non-traditional pregnancy and how her family’s chromosomal disorder stops with her
  • 34:14 – How her late mother wrote about the man that she chose


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