Pension Trends Plus podcast

We know these are difficult and challenging times unlike any most of us have seen in our lifetime.  Here at AF&T we want to assure you that while we may not be seeing many of you in person for at least a short while, we are working diligently on your behalf to continue to provide our state of the art services and personal attention that we are known for.  Here we will provide information on best pension investment funds advice and many more topics of interest! In an effort to stay in touch and provide current updates on all things affecting your portfolio, I am excited to share a podcast for our pension fund clients with you.

I am Atara Twersky.  Many of you know me as an attorney here at AF&T, representing your pension fund or union or other institution.  Some of you may also know me as the author of a popular children’s book series, inspired by my young daughter.

I want to bring you this podcast to discuss a variety of topics that may be of interest to my audience both in your professional roles but also in your personal lives.  We are all multifaceted with interests that transcend our jobs and even our families.

On my show, I will be speaking with pension fund and union experts including, CEOs, Executive directors, general counsels, and others but I will also speak with other industry change-makers who will help me bring current and newsworthy topics and issues to the forefront.  It is a time like no other in our history and we need all the help we can to navigate this new and sometimes frightening world. I want all my institutional clients and their pension funds to remain solvent, to continue to pay dividends and I want to help my clients to ensure that as fund members they learn to pivot during difficult times so that their funds can continue to provide and reap the benefits their members have spent years working toward.  In difficult times we can either give up and lament what once was, or we can rise to the occasion and find new and innovative ways to achieve new goals and find new opportunities. In my world, as a mother, an author, and an attorney at AF&T I have always believed that challenges are opportunities.  My podcast with interesting, informed, and passionate guests, will help me uncover opportunities for all of us, in ways and directions we may never have envisioned.

I hope you will join me on this journey exploring best pension investment funds and more!

You can listen to my podcast wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts as well as on our website.