Dr. Leo Galland, Harvard Alum Sheds Light on the Coronavirus

Coronavirus has become synonymous with pain, loss and fear.  Make no mistake we are in a war.  A war that is affecting even those not directly impacted with health complications.  Dr. Leo Galland, Harvard educated, author of many bestselling books and recipient of numerous awards is our guest today to help shed light on the latest developments that his research and team is working on.  Listen to this episode and you will find out things about this virus you never knew about!

Dr. Leo Galland, Harvard Alum Sheds Light on the Coronavirus – Show Notes


[02:05] The most striking thing about coronavirus

  • It’s the way how the virus sneaks up on communities. Look at NY right now. Nobody could’ve imagines what it was going to be like 2-3 weeks ago.
  • The virus is twice as communicable as the flu
  • It takes one person to spread the virus to the community

[05:06] Latest genetic discovery about the coronavirus

  • There has been genetic research done with the virus and it supports the conclusion that the virus has been around for a long time.
  • It may have caused occasional disease in humans
  • A series of mutations led to a change in the virus making it more dangerous

[07:42] Two phases with coronavirus

  • There are cases that where the virus has been lingering for 3 weeks
  • This virus doesn’t go away quickly
  • First Phase: It shows symptoms (fatigue, sore throat, abdominal pain, etc)so trivial that you don’t need medical attention.
  • Second Phase: Increase in cough and shortness of breath, diarrhea, neurological symptoms in some cases. A quarter of these people will require intensive care

[12:41] Why vaccine won’t be here anytime soon

  • There are certain circumstances that are needed in order for a vaccine to be a success
  • You need to understand the biology of the virus in order to create a vaccine

[14:20] A vaccine that’s used for Tuberculosis can be used for treating coronavirus?

  • The idea is to stimulate the immune response of the body
  • Most Europeans received it but there’s no diminution of cases seen in Europe

[15:15] The possibility of using Hydroxychloroquine

  • The medicine has some value and should be more widely available
  • During the SARS outbreak,  Chloroquine was used in a number of places but not in a consistent fashion.
  • Hydroxychloroquine is much better at killing the SARS COV-2 virus and the researchers are suggesting a 5 day treatment protocol.

[19:55] Why CDC is so resistant with Hydroxychloroquine

  • Protocol and bureaucracy
  • FDA and CDC did not moved quickly enough with testing.
  • Germany has even offered US testing kits but rejected the offer

[21:38] There’s no one big answer in treating coronavirus

  • A multi-faceted approach is very important
  • In China, there are 80 different clinical trials going on for treating coronavirus

[27:10] Younger Healthcare workers are more vulnerable to Covid-19

  • The idea that the younger population are less susceptible to the virus is NOT TRUE

[32:02] Dr. Leo’s thoughts on bringing partners into labor floors when giving birth

  • There’s no easy answer to this. One of the big problems with coronavirus is the isolation it creates.
  • The people who live alone and home quarantined are mentally affected.

[39:18] A what if scenario where we have to start over again with covid

  • It may happen if the stay at home orders are rescinded too quickly.
  • We’re gonna see a shift in location of the virus from the ones who ordered the stay at home order quickly to those states who didn’t imposed it early enough.
  • Without a uniform national policy, it will be impossible to see the other end.


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