Ziplining in Costa Rica

2020, a year that will forever be etched in the memory of all of us young and old alike has become synonymous with quarantine, stay-at-home, corona, zoom and virtual school.  Family vacations, once a must-do for so many slowly became a thing of the past.  And as the days turn into months our prior lives, with all their rich activities, seemed a distant memory.  Yet slowly things are coming back and life is taking on new and old rhythms once again.  My family loves to travel and we find adventure everywhere we go.  Prior to the pandemic, we went on many exciting trips and visited fascinating and fun places. From skiing in snowy Utah and Beaver Creek, Colorado in the winter, to Disney and Miami Beach on Spring break. Charleston, South Carolina was another favorite and almost nothing compares to ziplining in Costa Rica, watching sunsets as we frolicked in the bath-like waters of the Pacific.  Rome, Portugal, London, Cordoba Spain, and Israel are rich in history and beautiful to behold.  Walking streets that existed thousands of years ago is a thrill like no other. My Curlee Girlee even got her hair wrapped in Jewelry on the street of a small city in Portugal.  We want to travel the world; there is much to see and explore and we look forward to the days when our adventures can resume as normal.  For now, reminiscing on the wonderful places we have been and the many cherished memories we have made is almost as good as being there in person.  Come along with me and my family on our travel journeys and let’s look forward to new adventures. 

Not too long ago our family traveled south on an exciting adventure to Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a small country in Central America, right between Nicaragua and Panama, and wedged between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It is a popular and adventurous vacation destination and is known for its beautiful rainforests, tropical beaches, and plenty of mountains and rocky terrain great for excursions. Because of the diverse environment, Costa Rica has a ton of family activities to offer, many for the more active and adventurous. While there we went horseback riding, boating, jet skiing, and my most favorite- zip lining.

Costa Rica Mountains

Our first day there, we went on an African Safari tourThis fantastic tour will start when you enter the property through the Savannah in safari cars. Enjoy the time in the park looking at wild animals in their natural habitat. You will also be able to feed the giraffes and other African animals–but please bring cash to buy carrots that are only available at the park!


A few days later, we also visited Diamante Rescue Ecopark, an animal sanctuary. Costa Rica is a wonderful place for animal lovers due to its diverse array of rare and beautiful animals. Because of its year-round warm climate, Costa Rica can house many animals from South America, Africa, and more, so it is truly a unique experience! This animal sanctuary is Guanacaste´s largest. Guests can interact with animals with up-close viewing and even attend a feeding. The residents in the animal sanctuary are all rescue animals and include sloths, monkeys, pumas, jaguars, toucans, and more. Also, there are dozens of species of frogs, snakes, birds, and a world-class butterfly observatory.

Tropical Toucans

Costa Rica is well-known for its zip-lining because of the gorgeous views that can be seen as one whizzes through the air with nothing but a harness strapping them to the wire. It truly feels like soaring through the air like the many tropical birds that populate the country, and it is an exhilarating experience. You can zip-line through the forest, over the beaches, or across some of the many rocky mountain ranges.

Ziplining in Costa Rica

These mountains are popular for climbing and hiking, and there are even paths where you can ride through the land on horseback, as we did. You don’t have to be an expert or have even ridden a horse before to experience this once in a lifetime activity in Costa Rica. A guide will help you and your family to understand horseback riding to keep you safe and having fun. From there, you will explore on horseback the amazing sites of forested mountains or even ride down the white-sandy beaches, escorted by a guide to have the best experience. This is an amazing way to see more of the gorgeous island in a new and exciting way. Costa Rica is a beautiful paradise that offers many hidden gems and activities, and should be a stop on every adventurer’s list! 

Horseback riding in Costa Rica Mountains

Borinquen Mountain Resort and Spa in the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano mountain range in Guanacaste, Costa Rica is the place of our horseback riding & hot springs adventure. Experience exuberant forests, listen to the roaring waters of rivers and waterfalls and discover the legacies of ancient cultures, and spot rare species of birds, lizards, and mammals. Live Costa Rica’s diverse nature and wildlife at this unique horseback riding experience. Mount your horse up hills and mountains while observing the serene horizon that changes with the hours magically capturing your attention and taking you on a fantastic daydream. After the horseback riding, relax and enjoy our healing waters, and try our volcanic mud bath.

Waterfall in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not just for people who love a little adventure–it is also for those who want to see extraordinary views! We witnessed many beautiful sunsets, for which the small country is famous for. While in Costa Rica, we stayed at the Casa Conde Hotel in Playa Panama. Nestled at the edge of a tropical forest, the Casa Conde Hotel has beautiful views of the ocean, because it is situated right where the forest opens up to meet the beach. We were able to see many breathtaking sunsets right from our hotel room. Costa Rica is worth the trip just for its gorgeous and one of a kind sights!

Costa Rica Sunset

Atara Twersky is a TODAY Show Style Icon, and an attorney in Manhattan where she lives with her husband and three kids. She is also author of the popular Curlee Girlee book series, inspired by her youngest daughter. She is the host of two podcasts, Changing the Course and Pension Trends Plus.