Larry Bradley: Executive Secretary Treasurer of NEBF! A Leader and a visionary!

Larry Bradley is an important man in the world of Unions.  Recognized for his expertise in the industry, he has been a CEO for over two decades of one of the largest Unions in the country and is executive secretary treasurer of NEBF (National Electrical Benefit Fund).
But Larry is way more than “just” a CEO.  He is a man of vision, of creativity, of outside the box thinking and his novel approach to changing healthcare and implementing preventive care will literally save lives and billions of dollars for Unions, Pension Funds, and Institutions everywhere.  I have been fortunate enough to count Larry as not just a mentor but a friend and every time we chat, I walk away with new insights, better understanding, and the gravitas to make a change.
Listen to this podcast you will be inspired, entertained and you will likely see things just a little bit differently than you did before!

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