Mom, Attorney, and Change Maker Faith Fox Discusses Discrimination in Schools After Her Son was Wrongfully Expelled

Recently featured in the NY Times, Faith Fox is an attorney and single mom who wasn’t seeking the spotlight but became someone to reckon with when her son’s 9th grade class introduced a book assignment that she felt was inappropriate, especially as he is one of only 2 black children in the classroom.  Faith’s son was a straight A student and rising basketball star but he was expelled nonetheless.  Faith stood up for what she believed was right. What do we teach our children, when we punish them and their parents for taking a stand??

Faith Fox Show Notes:

  • 04:28 – The whole story of her son’s wrongful expulsion and standing up against it
  • 23:15 – Why Faith’s son got expelled because of her emails to the teachers
  • 30:00 – Why expelling her son feels like a knee-jerk reaction to her emails
  • 34:42 – Would it be different if the school has a different director of diversity and inclusion


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